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how to set up campaigns in Google analytics

how to set up campaigns in Google analytics – a practical method

So many bloggers and internet marketing professionals using  google and other sources for marketing their blogs and websites.

They know very well how to set up campaigns in google and those marketing sites.but the problem is that some times they are using more than one source for their marketing

They normally face a challenge of understanding what part of their website’s traffic was from google and from other sources

here i am describing how to use google analytics for differentiating the visitors from different sources

When you use Google Analytics  utm parameters in the urls you get the results automatically.How ?

When you using Google Analytics ,They will automatically create Campaigns for you and  showing you all the traffic sources separately from each other.

For eg: your website url is

(why i am using here a very long url because normally the marketers use their affiliate links in their ads so )

your google analytics url will look like this

What is utm_campaign:- just put a name of the campaign you’re running for traffic source, like privacy maxx

What is utm_source :- The name of the traffic source you are using for example google

What is utm_medium: – medium of the advertising, example Banner or  Text Ad

After assigning all these parameters you can run the ad campaign.please use different namesfor different ad campaigns  for getting best results

You can get the Google Analytics result here

Main menu -Acquisition- campaigns

Wish you all the best for your next ad campaign


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Home Business Opportunities – Is it a Scam?

Home Business Opportunities – Is it a Scam?

What’s Actually Going on with Home Business Opportunities

You may be also looking to initiate a business at home. Be certain you know your organization and the product that you are selling. Producing your product can be time consuming, so affiliate promotion is the easy path to start your own company.

What Is So Fascinating About Home Business Opportunities?

A small business opportunity isn’t a job, it’s a small business. Starting a completely free home business opportunity is an extra bonus with how the economy is. Starting your very own free home business opportunity may lead to great advances later on.

Should you not have these, then you don’t have a thing to lead you in your company. It is necessary that you do something for your company everyday. You have to start online business and everything you need is to get something that you could sell.

You should work hard, take action to promote your company, provide decent high quality services and locating a good mentor is helpful. As a beginner it can be extremely hard to know where to really start when you’ve decided you want to begin a house business. If you prefer to truly prosper in a house business, it’s also advisable to try to find an item or service which is attractive to people and that doesn’t have a great deal of competitors. Furthermore, many home businesses make it possible for you to go 1 step further.