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how to set up campaigns in Google analytics

how to set up campaigns in Google analytics – a practical method

So many bloggers and internet marketing professionals using  google and other sources for marketing their blogs and websites.

They know very well how to set up campaigns in google and those marketing sites.but the problem is that some times they are using more than one source for their marketing

They normally face a challenge of understanding what part of their website’s traffic was from google and from other sources

here i am describing how to use google analytics for differentiating the visitors from different sources

When you use Google Analytics  utm parameters in the urls you get the results automatically.How ?

When you using Google Analytics ,They will automatically create Campaigns for you and  showing you all the traffic sources separately from each other.

For eg: your website url is

(why i am using here a very long url because normally the marketers use their affiliate links in their ads so )

your google analytics url will look like this

What is utm_campaign:- just put a name of the campaign you’re running for traffic source, like privacy maxx

What is utm_source :- The name of the traffic source you are using for example google

What is utm_medium: – medium of the advertising, example Banner or  Text Ad

After assigning all these parameters you can run the ad campaign.please use different namesfor different ad campaigns  for getting best results

You can get the Google Analytics result here

Main menu -Acquisition- campaigns

Wish you all the best for your next ad campaign


How to Prevent Identity Theft

Among the ideal Internet security computer software programs out there on the market along with on the net for downloading is the web-filtering computer software. Owing to these problems, Internet security suddenly became a significant concern for a great many Internet users. To begin with, an online security software is utilised to monitor several regions of the online which are being accessed by the majority of users.

Did you know: 50% of the U.S. Adult Population have been hacked–and most of them don’t even know it! Don’t let it happen to you.

There are six types of Identity Theft:

• New Account Fraud
• Account Takeover Fraud
• Criminal Identity Theft
• Medical Identity Theft
• Identity Cloning
• Commercial Identity Theft

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Get the Scoop on Identity Theft Before You’re Too Late

Furthermore, it is at least as foolish to provide your account number on the telephone, if you’re not the one making the call. By doing this, you can upgrade the whole security system of your dwelling. Additionally it is advisable if you can receive the aid of a decent interior designer, before you begin spending money at furniture stores.

There are a couple things you may be doing wrong. Having their help might actually save you plenty of time and frustration in the long term, as well as lots of money. Evidently, bills are sent to another address so that they won’t get to you and you’ll start panicking.

The Meaning of Identity Theft

Don’t forget, many insurance providers provide discounts for their usage. Should you be a content operator, you might need to think of means to safeguard your creative ideas and your work collectively. You can consult a copyright lawyer to aid with the correct ownership claiming in addition to prevent illegal copying.

Luckily, there are means to avoid identity theft, and options that you may pursue if you ought to ever come to be a casualty of this terrible crime. Identity theft is a crime, but in many instances it is difficult to find a man or woman to punish. In the modern society, identity theft is frequently an issue.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Identity Theft

By abiding By a number of personal data security suggestions, you can safeguard yourself from this category of theft. The social security number is the secret to every one of your information so thieves try to find stuff such as this. You will also need to visit a store if you’re particularly want to establish your house in a specific style.

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